Management Systems & Tools

Management Systems & Tools

Management systems are essential for organisations to achieve a structured approach to performance improvement. Used in the right way they will enable all people within an organisation to engage with sustainability, resource efficiency and environmental programmes.

Our approach is to identify the key sustainability issues within organisations and to then select the techniques that will best assist. We design and implement management systems that are either bespoke or are based upon standards such as ISO 14001.

Good environmental management is important as it reduces the footprint of organisations. Classical techniques include ISO 14001, EIA, waste minimisation, design for the environment and resource efficiency. ISO 14001 is capable of being used in the delivery of sustainability policies and strategies.

The use of specific sustainability techniques provide the clothing that give shape and texture to the sustainability processes used by the organisation. A key objective in the selection of particular techniques is to ensure that organisations use resources efficiently and in an ethical manner.

There are a wide range of techniques available presently including:

  • Sustainability appraisal
  • ISO 14001, BS 8555, BS 8900, SA 8000, AA 1000, ISO 9001,¬†OHSAS 18001
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Sustainable construction, BREEAM, CEEQUAL and the Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Ecological footprints
  • Design for the environment
  • Factors 4 and 10
  • Waste minimisation
  • Environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment