Sustainability Advice

Sustainability Advice

Our advice and consultancy programmes seek to address sustainability issues within organisations. They form the basis for organisational change programmes. Embedding sustainability processes within organisations creates powerful platforms that will maintain and create longevity for sustainability. This can be achieved through specific routes using process and systems that guide organisational and individual activities.

Our programme works with the key building blocks of organisational sustainability. It is a process based approach that provides frameworks for sustainability audit, training and management programmes.

The key steps cover in outline:

  1. Identification of sustainability issues within the organisation
  2. Assessment of significance and trends
  3. Systems linkages, drivers and key influences both internal and external
  4. Value systems and growth pathways
  5. Organisational processes, energisation and change
  6. Vision and mission
  7. Governance and imperatives

These programmes enable all individuals within the organisation to contribute to sustainability. BS 8900 Guidance for Managing Sustainable Development seeks to provide frameworks for sustainability thinking. ISO 14001 also seeks to provide a management systems approach. Our approach can be fully integrated with BS 8900, ISO 14001 and SA 8000. All of these management system approaches are frameworks that can be employed to assist people achieve better performance and in doing so can be very simple.

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