Sustainability Review

Sustainability Review

Review and audit is an essential starting point in any consultancy process. It is necessary to identify the starting point that the organisation has. By accurately identifying what this is a baseline will be established against which to measure progress. The review and audit process will focus around Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It will also enable the mindset within the organisation to be identified.

It is fair to say that there are no organisations that have claimed to be sustainable. This is an indication that there are no clear cut audit criteria for sustainability.

ISO 14001, AA1000, BS8900, SA 8000 and other standards provide clear cut criteria against which to audit. These standards all contribute to the organisation improving it’s performance across the three legs of sustainability, social, environmental and economic. ISO 14001 and other environmental standards will help with reducing the ecological footprint of the organisation and improving resource efficiency. We provide an outstanding audit and review process.

Our programmes begin by making an evaluation and diagnostic of the organisation through a process of review. This will identify the starting platform within the organisation for any sustainability programmes. The next step is to understand what the organisation wishes to achieve and to then embark on a visioning process. From this can then flow strategy and the practical management programmes. We design programmes that draw on blends of training, development, advice and review.

We work with organisations who are seeking to improve their sustainability performance. This encompasses all manner of organisations including: Blue Chips, Multi Nationals, SME’s, Local Authorities, Government and the Voluntary Sector.

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